Say hello to 5.0! | Goodbye Pipdig

For the last couple of weeks I have been debating on whether I should stay with Pipdig or change to another theme designer after a recent scandal involving Pipdig attacking other websites by injecting malicious codings into our blog themes. A huge part of me didn’t want to believe it as I found Pipdig didn’t have a reason to do so and also because they have been so nice in providing customer support whenever I was having problems with my blog. So you know that the decision to change theme was not something that I could come to easily. When the scandal broke out, I’ve had my Lavoie theme for about 2 weeks so you know that I was livid and in denial. It was not a small amount of money when converted to Ringgit currency.

Days passed by and without fail I searched “pipdig” on Twitter everyday to see if the scandal has died down and unfortunately, more developer blogs wrote about Pipdig and as much as I hated it, like most of bloggers who have used Pipdig, I got a new one and completely deleted all 3 Pipdig themes and their p3 plugin. I am sad and devastated because I liked how my blog looked and it was such a stunning theme. Maybe after everything has been sorted out and clarified I’d go back to using my Pipdig theme but for now, I’m welcoming Lookbook theme by Underline Designs. It’s a different aesthetic than Pipdig but so far I really like it.

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