Friday Favourites 1

So I tried the whole Sunday Currently thing and I figured that I am god awful at keeping up with it. Having to write all 13 currentlies every week and trying to figure out if what I’m wishing and hoping aren’t the same thing is just a pain in the arse. I came across a blog — I forgot whose blog was it — and it featured a Friday Favourites post where you talk about basically anything that you like in that particular week including photos and whatnot. It can be anything at all — so here goes my attempt on another favourites post.

things to be happy for this week

Pandora bracelet

Last weekend, my mom got my sister and I our own pandora bracelets. At first, I told her if she could buy us the bracelet and let us buy the charms ourselves but she wanted to buy us a few charms as well. I was ecstatic! Well I’ve never really been obsessed with Pandora bracelets but it was fun getting to customise our own bracelet to our preference. I will definitely dedicate a blog post talking about the bracelet and the charms.

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

I don’t know why I was terrified of chemical exfoliating before. It’s so much better than using scrubs where you can micro tear your skin from the excessive scrubbing. My skin feels smoother and the blackheads on my nose are less visible too. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid is next on my list as the percentage of acid is higher and I am keen on seeing exquisite results from it! For beginners, though, I really recommend the COSRX AHA/BHA toner. It doesn’t sting at all!

New phone case

Just last week I bought 4 new phone cases (including an Iron Man case please don’t comment anything about Iron Man dying in Avengers Endgame I’ve been crying loads and am still not over Tony’s death brb I’m going to cry again) and I bought this shiny inexpensive case at a shop near my house. It’s cute. It’s novelty. But I freaking love it!!!

Sky Castle

Sky Castle reminds me a lot of Black Mirror but in Korean-education-obsessed-parents-who-would-do-anything-for-their-children version. I don’t know why Asian parents (I’m asian too btw) are obsessed with getting their children into medical schools and forcing them to study and study and study all day without giving a shit of the wellbeing of the children mentally and emotionally. It’s honestly so disheartening. Nontheless, I highly recommend watching the drama on Netflix.

iA Writer

I’m trying to get into digital journaling so I went on a search for the perfect minimalistic writing app for my laptop. I came across tons of good ones but my pick is the iA Writer. It’s simple, it’s minimalistic with no bullsh*t settings that aren’t important. So far, I’m really enjoying articulating my thoughts and feelings into the digital journal. I use it to plan my wedding, too, since I prefer having everything on my laptop.

Iced lemon tea

I have never been a fan of iced lemon tea because I hated the taste of lemon in my throat but oh god, the mamak made one is the best iced lemon tea ever. I even ordered iced lemon tea on Foodpanda just because I was craving for it so bad. It’s so refreshing with loads of ice. Ugh it’s so good.

What have you been loving this week?

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