Friday Favourites 3

friday favourites

things to be happy for this week

a cup of coffee every morning

Being able to whip up cornflakes (cereal of my choice) and milk with a cup of hazelnut latte every morning is a blessing. Around 9 – 10 am is my self care time where I tidy up my bed, spray some fabric freshener and room freshener, make myself a cup of coffee and breakfast, plan what I’m going to wear that day and have my breakfast while scrolling about the internet.

driver’s license

Another blessing this week is registering myself for driving lessons. I have an overprotective dad and being the eldest daughter, I was basically treated as an experiment by my dad. In his opinion, having a driver’s license at the mere age of 17 is dangerous – absolutely horrifying. So here I am, 3 months away from my wedding while learning how to drive and hopefully am able to get my license before the wedding.

washi tapes + rubber stamps + floral stickers

Last week, I made a few impulsive orders on Shopee of washi tapes, rubber stamps, stickers, and whatnot. I bought tape dispensers as well to hold my washi tapes in place. Buying stationeries is so therapeutic – the pastel colours of washi tapes and succulent plant rubber stamps that I love playing around and practice stamping on my notebook. I’m trying to get creative with my washi and decorate my writing journal.

typo a6 mid year planner + pilot juice up 04 pen

I love my bullet journal but I can’t ignore the fact that I really enjoy using the typo planner I got a few weeks ago to plan my day. I use washi tapes and stickers to decorate it and I just think that’s it’s too pretty to look at. To write on it I’m really loving the pilot juice up 04 pen. It is an expensive pen at RM7.90 but it’s worth every penny!

blush pink bubble tea phone case

My phone case obsession might go a little overboard as I’ve been buying whatever I found cute but to justify this purchase right here, I had just submitted my CD and thesis and wanted to treat myself to a new phone case. I got the case at Gadget Hub Aeon Shah Alam but it’s a generic case so I think you will be able to find it online. It’s super cute and I love blush pink cases.

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