Friday Favourites 4

things to be happy for this week

Nike Air Max 97

I was never a fan of Air Max or trainer shoes – whatever you may call it – but a few days ago my brother wanted to buy a pair of shoes for himself and being me who can’t see my siblings getting something (ehem jealous eldest sister ehem), I looked around and found this adorable purple Air Max. It’s so beautiful. My mom and sister got the same Air Max but in different colours so the three of us can go matchy-matchy lol.

Victoria’s Secret Velvet Petals Fragrance Mist

Last weekend, I went to Genting Highlands Premium Outlet with my fiancé and I got 3 fragrance mists from VS. I got the Velvet Petals, Romantic, and Aqua Kiss. They smell so lovely but my personal favourite has got to be Velvet Petals. Anyway, I suck at fragrance notes so I’m not even gonna bother trying to explain what it smells like.

Westlife The Twenty Tour

I know that the concert was 4 weeks ago but it was one of the best days of my life and I am still blown away until today! I had so much fun and it was just amazing to finally be able to see Westlife in front of me singing My Love (it was my LDR song during my fiancé’s studies in the UK). I hope I get to see them in the next world tour!

Le Maréam

Le Maréam is a local Malaysian brand that sells lingerie and about two weeks ago I made 3 separate orders in 5 days because I love their lingerie so much. I wish I could do a haul on my blog but being an Asian muslim I think that it’s not proper for me to do that – religion and culture-wise. Let me know what you think about this.

Leuchtturm1917 Metallic Edition Copper Dotted Notebook

I am absolutely in love with my Copper notebook from Leuchtturm1917! I planned on using it after my wedding but I couldn’t resist just looking at it sitting right in my bedroom without my getting to write on it. It’s just so beautiful and I enjoy my journalling process even more. I plan on getting more notebooks from Leuhctturm1917. Maybe the nordic blue one? That is so nice!

Driving License + Update

Three weeks ago I had my computer test for the learner’s permit and your girl here scored a whooping 48/50! Woohoo! I can do better obviously but not having to repeat the test again is enough for me. And then I had the KPP02 which is the car inspection part last week. My ten hour driving classes starts next weekend and my JPJ test is on the 1st of October. Hopefully, I’ll pass the test because if I have to repeat it, it won’t be anytime soon.

New blog look ft. Parker theme by Station Seven

If you visit my blog every week, you’d notice that I have a different theme going on. There was absolutely nothing wrong with my previous theme, I just wanted a new one that fits what I imagine my blog would look like. A huge waste of money – I know – but I like my current one so much. It’s the Parker theme by Station Seven. I hope that I’m not buying any more theme at least until the end of next year because the one I’m using is already so expensive. My bank account hates me right now.

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