My New MacBook Pro 2019

This is an exciting post to write because I just got myself a new MacBook Pro! I am a MacBook user for 7 years already and I had been using the mid 2012 MacBook Pro non-retina with the CD drive. That machine is a beast! I got it after I finished high school and I went through foundation and uni years with it.

About 4 months ago I sent it for repair and I changed the battery and the HDD to SSD storage and that MacBook was like brand new! The battery lasts 5-6 hours (just like when I first got it) and everything was super fast after I changed to SSD. I did not plan on buying a new MacBook but last Saturday I went to Machines at KLCC and I looked at the MacBooks and I saw that the new MacBook Pro 2019 has a Touch Bar and Touch ID as opposed to the previous years where they had two choices; with or without Touch Bar and Touch ID.

I was so excited and I wanted to get it immediately but my mom said no. To say that I was disappointed was an understatement. I was livid! I went home and went on YouTube to watch videos on that MacBook because I really wanted one. So yesterday, I went out with my siblings and I didn’t plan on buying the MacBook at all but the first store we went was Switch and they had a back to school promotion. I called my mom and she said “up to you” so I purchased it – much to my bank account dismay LOL!

I got the one with the 128GB storage because I have two 500GB hard drives and paying a few hundreds more for storage that I don’t need seems stupid. I don’t need that much storage anyway because I don’t keep music (Spotify all the way!) and movies (hard drive) on my MacBook and I delete tv shows immediately after watching them. My MacBook is literally full of cute desktop wallpapers and photos which I don’t have that much to begin with. I’ve never encountered problems with storage before so I’m not worrying much about it.

I got it in space grey because I think that it looks so cool and my old laptop was silver so I thought I’d get a different colour this time. To go with it, I bought a Black Rock frosted transparent case. It’s matte and it’s lovely. I wanted a clear transparent case but my old MacBook has the clear case and it’s prone to scratches. I also got the USB Type C with 3-port HUB with SD card reader from the brand j5 Create.

As much as I love Apple laptops, I just think it’s unreasonable that we have to spend more money on an adapter after spending that much money for the laptop. Why can’t they just give it for free instead? Or, you know, not remove them from the laptop itself?

I wanted my MacBook to have a dark aesthetic vibe going on so I used this cute moon phase wallpaper and set my MacBook to dark mode. I wish I had Photoshop CC like I did with my old MacBook so right now I’m just using Fotor Photo Editor on the App Store. It does the job so I can’t complain there.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I am so so so so so thankful to God for providing me with a new laptop. I still love my old MacBook and it breaks my heart when I had to pass it down to my sister but someone has got to use it because it’s still working fine. I love both the old and new one equally. You don’t simply forget something that’s been with you for 7 years just because you got a new one. Let me know what you think of my new gadget!

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