My Love-Hate Relationship With My Blog

The Loaf, IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

I’m lost.

In a sense that I’ve lost my voice in blogging ever since I started my studies again back in 2017 after a year long of blogging every day (not quite every day but I did manage to publish 20+ posts in a month). I used to have so many blog posts ideas that I wanted to put up on my blog but right now, when I have the time and mean to blog every single day if I wanted to, I just… don’t.

I tried everything.

Buying expensive theme? Checked.

Finding new interests that I could share on my blog? Checked.

BUYING a new laptop so I can at least be excited to put up new posts? Checked.

So what exactly went wrong?

Why am I not putting up exciting posts like I used to?

Honestly speaking, I don’t have the answer myself.

I wanna write about my journaling hobby. I wanna write about the gazillion stationery stuff I bought in the past couple of months. I wanna do a washi tape collection post because boy I have a lot. I wanna write about my A6 ring binder journal that has lots of sequins and is just so girly I wanna take many photos of. I wanna write haul posts because I bought some makeup stuff and just exciting stuff that I wanna share with people.

But I didn’t. And I still haven’t.

Maybe, just maybe, I abhor the whole blogging process mainly the taking photos part. Maybe I feel like blog photography is a burden that hinders me from putting up posts because I can do the writing part quite well but the visual element of a blog post isn’t my absolute favourite thing to do.

Maybe I’m slowly giving up on my blog like every other person who gives up on theirs and I’m just finding excuses for it.

I don’t wanna treat my blog like a weekly chore I have to do. I wanna be putting up posts because I enjoy blogging like I used to and not because “I have done this for many years, might as well continue until the end.” I have the choice to either continue or stop blogging forever but I wanna give it one more try to pick up the pace and see how I enjoy it.

For now, this is not the end of my blog. Hopefully.

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