Friday Favourites 6

Things to be happy for this week

I’m a wife!

If that isn’t news already, I’m still getting used to my new title but I am definitely loving my new role. Being able to be 24/7 with your other half? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I love waiting for my husband to finish work. He usually comes home at around 7.15 – 7.30 pm and ugh the joy I feel when I hear him at the front door..

My husband’s pasta ala pesto

The other day, my husband made me dinner and it was spinach and garlic that are blended and cooked with chicken bits and a dash of paprika. OMG — it was life changing! I told him that it would taste even better with some spaghetti so he made it again for dinner last night and it was so good!

My back to basic skincare routine

Now that I’m a wife, I definitely do not have 20 minutes to spare for my skincare routine. I can see huge improvements on my skin already now that I’m only using the basics. However, I do want to add more products into my routine but for the time being, toner > serum > moisturiser is the way to go.

Mi Smart Band 4

I’ve never really been a person who’s into this whole smartwatch/smart band shenanigan but I went to the mall a few days before my wedding and looked at some gadgets. My brother told me about the Mi Smart Band 4 and how it was only RM149. I went bananas and got myself one! I also purchased the purple/maroon strap for only RM29. Definitely cheaper than an Apple Watch as I don’t need a smartwatch packed with features anyway. A band that shows my notifications when I’m not with my phone is enough for me.

A new blog theme!

Surprise, surprise. If my changing my blog theme for the nth time this year is even a surprise to you lot. I don’t know what struck me a few days ago when I took a spontaneous decision to purchase a new theme for my blog. I think it was a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal for 30% off that made me go “YESYESYES IT’S TIME FOR A NEW THEME!” My new theme is called Charlotte by 17th Avenue. I’ve been ogling this theme for a few months but had never really thought about buying it because it’s as expensive as a Pipdig one but like I said, I got it during sale so I saved a lot of $$$ there. I really like the blush pink tone of this theme although I can always customise it to my liking but for now, I’m really loving this colour palette.

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