Friday Favourites 7

things to be happy for this week

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

A few weeks back, I bought a few things from Kiehl’s and the sales assistant told me that I can choose one deluxe sample and I told her I wanted something for my redness. She suggested the Midnight Recovery Concentrate which I got in a tiny, tiny bottle of 4 ml. I didn’t want to like it but oh, I love it! It cancels my redness and my skin just looks clear.

Kayman Beauty Coalface Cleanser

I talked about the soap version many times on my blog but I have recently converted to the liquid cleanser and I love it even better. It’s gentler than the soap and I use a cheap silicone face brush cleanser to lather it on my face.

A huge glass of iced milo

One of my pregnancy cravings that I don’t understand is my sudden obsession of wanting to drink iced milo in a huge glass. I don’t want a homemade one, just the one from McDonald’s or the boxed one you can buy at the market. I don’t even like Milo to begin with!

@plannerdmy 2020 Planner

For 2020, I bought a premade planner on Instagram by @plannerdmy (unfortunately, the planner has sold out) and I just love using it! It has everything I need like a monthly layout, weekly layout, habit tracker, and financial tracker with loads of extra dotted pages to write on. However, I do miss creating bullet journal spreads and I might go back to bullet journalling next year as I feel like I can be more creative with it.

Kelly Clarkson – Piece by Piece

I came across this song a few weeks ago and I could not get it out of my mind. I don’t have any daddy issues, alhamdulillah, but for some reason listening to this song brings me to tears every single time. It’s just… heartbreaking knowing that there are fatherless sons and daughters out there. Really makes you start counting your blessings and be more appreciative of still having both parents that bring positive influences in your life.

I’m graduating next week!

Something that I have been waiting for a really long time – it’s my graduation day next week! I’m graduating a year and a half later than I should have been and that is all because I took a year off of university and postponed my internship for 6 months. Nevertheless, that’s all in the past now and I’m finally graduating. I’m so excited!

A blog makeover

At this point, are you guys even surprised that my blog changes look every month? RIP my bank account. I’m blaming designers on Etsy for putting out amazing themes that I couldn’t refrain myself from buying. The theme I’m using right now is Sangria from Underline Designs and I love every bit of it!

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