Friday Favourites 8

things to be happy for this week

My asian skincare routine

I know I have recently published my current skincare routine here on my blog but for the past few weeks I’ve been buying some Korean skincare products and I ended up with a complete asian skincare routine with the exception of serums because I can’t give up my The Ordinary Niacinamide and Alpha Arbutin. I am loving the routine so far although I have yet to see that much of a result probably due to my pregnancy hormones. Nonetheless, I still enjoy my routine. I just wish I were able to use acids though. These whiteheads and blackheads need to go.

Light pink iPhone and MacBook cases

Pink was never really a favourite colour of mine – I prefer purple more – but recently I bought a light pink case for my phone and I really love it! I went ahead and searched for MacBook case on Shopee because that’s where everyone shops these days and found a light pink case that is very pretty. I purchased it right away and oh I’m in love with my cases now. Both are very inexpensive and here’s the link to the iPhone and MacBook case if you fancy.

My Spa Resort game

What. An addictive. GAME! A few weeks ago I binge-installed a lot of games on the App Store and started playing My Spa Resort thinking that it would be one of those games which I’d play for a few days and uninstall the next but here I am, a few weeks later, on level 29, with a lot of money spent on in-app purchases. Yikes. It’s so good and I’m addicted to it!

The World of The Married Korean drama

This drama does not make me happy because it’ll make you want to kill a person but oh it’s so, so good! The last time I got hooked into Korean dramas was last year with Sky Castle and this one albeit different theme from Sky Castle is just as good and as thrilling. The first episode itself is just perfection and makes you want know what happens next. The lies, the betrayal of the people surrounding you… gosh. I really recommend this drama if you have the guts.

My desk space

So last week I rearranged our workspace in our bedroom so that we both can be at the desk at the same time instead of only one of us having the space due to the inefficient desk arrangement. It has completely changed my productivity as I can be at the desk more instead of just laying on the bed with my laptop which usually always ends up with me taking 45 naps during the day. I get to put my makeup and skincare organiser on the desk as well as having access to my Lennart drawer from Ikea that I put under the desk which has all my stationery and journals.

My baby kicks

Last week at around 20 weeks pregnant I felt my baby kicked for the first time. It was usually movements like a ball or something moving in my belly but that morning I felt like a jab on my belly, like someone poked me – more like a pop. It was such a wonderful feeling and I can feel my baby kicks so much more now. My baby responds to our touches and caresses, and even more responsive at my husband’s which annoys me a little bit haha. I’m 5 weeks away from entering third trimester which excites and scares me both at the same time!

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