Friday Favourites 9

things to be happy for this week

Ana Tomy planner

I talked about my new planner a lot on Instagram stories and I know some of you lot are getting tired of my always talking about it but it is really helping me plan my day. I’m in my third month of using it religiously everyday and I don’t think I’ll be going back to bullet journaling. I will have a whole post dedicated to it so watch this space. The planner that I have is called Melon but it’s currently out of stock but here’s the link to other planners if you fancy.

Muji photo album

I have been struggling to store my stickers for the longest time, but a few weeks ago I went to Muji and saw their photo album and thought that it’s the perfect size to store my stickers. I spent a few hours disassembling and putting the stickers in the photo album and I love the result! It’s easier to browse through my stickers so I can actually use them in my planner and journal.

Grid washi tapes

The amount of washi tapes I have is absurd and the fact that I don’t use them all that much is not okay at all, but I couldn’t resist getting 3 new grid washi tapes in black, white, and nude. They’re so pretty and can be used to spruce up your planner. The quality is good as well and for less than RM2 per roll, hey I can’t complain.

Etude House Better Lips-Talk Velvet lipstick in Lonely Pink

I think I have found a bullet lipstick that has some characteristics of liquid lipstick but not quite but still good enough, you get what I mean? I didn’t get to swatch it in store what with the Covid-19 and all, so I just blind bought it because it was on sale. Oh my god, the lipstick feels so light on the lips and if you give it some time to dry, it’s transfer proof! I really enjoy using this lipstick and the magnetic blush pink packaging is just top notch. It feels luxurious without the hefty price tag. Here’s the link if you’re interested!

I start reading again

For the past half a decade, reading hasn’t been in my to-do list and finishing a book can be a bore to me. I used to like reading when I was a kid and I have at least 70 books that I haven’t read in my book collection. That’s quite a lot for someone who hasn’t been buying books for years. I’m making it my August goal to start reading again be it only 10 pages a day before bed. So far I’m doing quite okay although it would be nice if I’m able to read during the day as well. The book I’m currently reading is A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

Taylor Swift Folklore album

So here’s the thing — I still have not moved on from 1989 and Taylor is already out with 3456543 new albums after that. Heck, Lover is still pretty new to me and now we have Folklore?! Listening to Folklore is like remembering the heartbreaks you went through many moons ago and pretending you’re still hurt from the heartbreak so you can enjoy the album more. Crazy, I know. Some of my personal favourites are cardigan, august, exile, my tears ricochet, and invisible string.

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