Friday Favourites 10

things to be happy for this week

MacBook Pro transparent case

In my last Friday Favourites, I mentioned getting a pink case for my laptop. However, a few weeks ago, the bottom corner of the case broke so I ordered a new one and this time I got the clear transparent case. It’s beautiful!

CASESBYWF Selfa PROTECH phone case

Not a recent purchase but hey, I’ve been using it since August which is saying something because I change phone cases all the time. I got the CASESBYWF Protech case and I think the design is super pretty! Besides, the Protech case provides extra protection for my phone instead of the thin plastic ones.

Kayman Beauty Rosa Glow Treatment Essence

I’ve never been a big fan of essence as I’ve never seen results with it but the Rosa Glow Treatment Essence by Kayman Beauty is amazing! It contains alpha arbutin so my skin is glowy and my pimples are not showing mark as much. Sometimes I’d only use this essence and moisturiser if I want to be quick but still want to protect my skin.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb (Fu$$y)

In this pandemic where wearing masks is a must, I always opt for a matte, non-transferable lipsticks and this resulting into my lip glosses being ditched somewhere, LOL. But I’ve recently started wearing it at home and oh boy I remember why I liked it so much. It’s not that sticky and it made my lips look so luscious which I loooove!

Notion app

When will I ever stop talking about Notion, I don’t even know haha. It’s a note-taking, all-in-one app for your studies, your work, and even as a planner. I’m using it as my blog planner and it has changed my blogging game! It makes everything from content planning and content creating that much easier!

ASMR Ambience

Why have I never gotten into this before?! If you type in ASMR ambience on YouTube, there’s a ton of videos on ambient that you can play as white noise. There’s coffee shop asmr – if you miss going to Starbucks with your laptop doing work, or rainy day asmr – because who doesn’t like a good sweater weather?! But my current favourite is Autumn Town. So so good!

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