Ana Tomy Customised Planner in Melon

I totally broke my promise in this post and got myself a new planner.

Oops. I didn’t mean to.

I’ve been drooling over customised planner from Ana Tomy since last year but never gotten around to getting it because I can’t see myself using an expensive planner and getting my money’s worth out of it. LOL. This girl has never finished a planner nor completed 12-month of bullet journaling. After some time I got really bored, forgot to plan for the whole year, and start again with a new planner or bullet journal at the start of a new year.

This time around, I caved in and made an order on their website. Ana Tomy is a local paper stationery company here in Malaysia that offers planners, notebooks, and sketchbooks that you can customise. I like the fact that it’s undated so I can use it whenever I want. What could be a one year planner could be stretched into a two year one if I want to. Therefore, I can avoid wasting papers.

You can choose the planner cover from their basic colour selection or the limited edition illustrated planner. I chose just from the basic colour selection because it’s RM10 cheaper than illustrated planner and I’m afraid if I go for the illustrated planner, I’d get bored of the design.

The unboxing itself is a wonderful experience. Each planner is carefully customised and wrapped and put in a box that you can recycle as an archive box should you finish the planner and get a new refill. Yes, you can get the refill papers for half the price. The planner is RM128 the first time you purchase it and the refill would cost you only RM68. You’re really getting your money’s worth because you can use the planner cover for as long as you want. And if you don’t like the inserts that you choose, you can choose a different set of inserts for your next refill. Check out the planner unboxing I did on my Instagram stories.

I chose the Melon planner (they came up with latest colour collection so unfortunately Melon is discontinued), a really nice pink and orange melon cover. You can customise the elastic band, ribbon marker, binding wires, and add-on monogram colour.

My customisation is:

elastic band – white
ribbon marker – nude + pale pink (add-on RM2 for extra marker)
binding wires – rose gold
monogram (personalised text) – gold

You can choose 3 inserts that you want and for the planner. For mine, I chose the 12-month undated layout, 53-week undated layout (vertical), and 5mm dotted paper with cm. This is my first time using a vertical weekly planner so I’m still getting a hang of it. I want to be able to use it as much as possible to increase my productivity. If you’re not sure of vertical planner, go for the horizontal layout instead. It’s much easier to use.

12 month undated
53 week undated (vertical layout)
5mm dotted paper with cm

The order process was fast as well. I placed an order on May 11th at around 4 pm and they were closed that day. They assembled my planner on May 12th, shipped it on May 13th, and I received it on May 14th. I would say that the customer service is A+ and I don’t mind paying a lot of money for the planner.

back pocket for ephemera

I wanted to use the planner for 2021 but I just couldn’t let the beautiful planner rotting away on my desk so I decided to start using it in June. I use some washi tapes and stickers to decorate and I have been loving it! I ditched bullet journalling for this planner and I don’t think I’ll ever be going back to bullet journalling. The paper layout is minimalistic and you have the option to decorate it or just leave it be for that professional looking planner.

What do you use for planning?

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