LSOT 14.0

Dropping in to say a quick hello and welcome to LSOT 14.0. I’ve been blogging for nearly thirteen years now which is half of my life. It’s unbelievable how blogging has been a part of my life for as long as I have lived (I mean, we weren’t really living the first twelve years of our life, FYI).

It’s time for me to go back to the root of my blogging journey – one which I’m all too familiar with and the reason why I fell in love with blogging at the first place. I want to be able to post without worrying if my photos are too dim or not magazine-like enough for my blog. That had been my worry for years – feeling like I have to follow what everybody else is doing with their blog. I want to post whatever I want and use whatever photos I want straight from my iPhone. I need to fall in love with my blog again and I’m going back to blogging basic.

So in order to do that, I decided to opt for a simpler blog theme that reminds me of my blog before I went self-hosted. My blog is looking a lot more like my old Blogger blog all thanks to Kate by Blog Flair Design who has helped in a few setbacks in launching my latest look.

I made myself a simple header and logo (which you can see at the bottom of my blog) which I love and really speaks of what my blog is about – a cuppa. I relish the warmth of a cuppa brings me and I feel the same familiarity with my blog. Hope you enjoy this next chapter of my little space. xx

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