Manifesting Tomorrow 01

Writing this post at one forty in the morning because newsflash: my little one is sleeping. Currently in front of the TV with my husband, watching a drama that I’ve repeated several times just because it’s available on YouTube. I showered late today at 4 PM because my husband was out for a meeting and my son could not for the life of him see me out of sight. So I fed him lunch and biscuits and fruits and when I knew he was in a good mood, I scrammed to the bathroom and the splashing of water could not have felt any better.

I’m manifesting tomorrow because honestly there’s no point in scheduling my life on a weekly basis because I kid you not, I never got around to actually doing everything in my list throughout the week. So I’m going to write my manifestation (aka to-do-list or goals) for the next day every midnight. That way I wouldn’t be burdened by what I have to do throughout the week. I should only focus on my next day goals or to-dos and take life one cuppa at a time which I’m currently having right now. I love tea. It brings me warmth.


01 to take a shower at six thirty in the morning.

02 to do laundry.

03 to change my bedsheet.

04 to make soondubu jjigae (this recipe from Sue is delicious!) for lunch if my husband hasn’t figured out what to cook yet.

05 to brainstorm on July post ideas.

06 to rearrange my office/wardrobe room.

07 to order groceries from the wet market as we have run out of chicken, fish, and meat.

08 to call the government clinic for my prenatal appointment.

09 to spend less time on my iPad playing games and do something else on it instead like planning my life on GoodNotes.

10 to cuddle my little one and give him a lot of kisses!

Halfway through writing this I thought that this would be a good blog series that I can do once a week at midnight because I can actually write this (oh yes!) without having my son wanting to press on my MacBook keyboard, LOL. Anyway, I hope you have a good day!

XO, Erin.

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