The Sunday Currently: Vol. 7

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I haven’t done this in a while (read: two years since my last!) so since it’s Sunday, I figured it’s nice to bring this back and try to be consistent with it. I suck at being consistent in blogging series but hey, it’s only a failure if you didn’t try, LOL.


R E A D I N G: I wanna start on Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L. Armentrout but haven’t gotten the chance to. I have the first book in my iBook app so hopefully I can get around to reading that. Besides that, I also spend heaps of time on Reddit app reading from countless of subs. Some of my favourite subs are /r/AmITheAsshole, /r/BestofRedditorUpdates, /r/ChoosingBeggars, /r/MaliciousCompliance, /r/pettyrevenge, and /r/ProRevenge. Have fun lurking! I swear you’ll be hooked!

W R I T I N G: I desperately want to do an updated what’s in my bag post featuring my Longchamp Le Pliage but to do that, I have to figure out the photos first. It’s the type of post that visual comes first, then text.

W A T C H I N G: Right now I am hooked on The Good Doctor (US). My country is in lock down right now so in the morning I I’d put The Good Doctor on TV and binge the heck out of it. My husband and I are usually in front of the TV all day (well, mostly me haha) so we watch it together and like it a lot. It’s super good.

L I S T E N I N G: My On Repeat playlist on Spotify. Right now Parachute – The Mess I Made is playing.

T H I N K I N G: At the moment, I’m thinking of will I be able to finish this post before my son is awake from his nap???

S M E L L I N G: My Giorgio Armani Sì body lotion that I put on after shower. It smells so good and doesn’t leave my body feeling greasy should I wash my hand or whatnot. Love it!

W I S H I N G: For my government to give me my vaccination date, ugh. As I’m pregnant and currently breastfeeding, we just got the green light to register for COVID vaccination a few weeks ago. I need my dates, STAT.

H O P I N G: For a good life. Don’t we all? And oh! For the gender of my baby to be exactly what we saw on scan hehehe.

W E A R I N G: My husband’s H&M black shirt (so comfy!), a lounge pants from Tesco (seriously, they have some good ones!), my glasses because I’m blind without them, hair in ponytail, my gold bracelet, Pandora charm bracelet, and Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in FU$$Y.

L O V I N G: My blog’s new look and iPad games. I’m obsessed with playing games on my iPad it’s ridiculous. I spend so much time on it. My current favourites right now are Star Chef 2, University Empire Tycoon, and Hotel Empire Tycoon. Please do not start on Hotel Empire Tycoon it’s so addicting!

W A N T I N G: A new iPad case. My current one is this one in grey which has been used and abused haha. It’s not that bad but I desperately want a new one in different colour and possibly style.

N E E D I N G: A new coffee mug that is aesthetically pleasing for my office desk. I have a few in my Shopee cart but I just couldn’t bring myself to checkout. Ugh. Need to do so fast.

F E E L I N G: Happy that I’m able to finish this post without my son waking up screaming wanting mommy haha. I just need to find a stock photo for this post, publish it, and have lunch. Have a good Sunday! xx

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