Life lately…

It’s 3 am and I’m watching the semifinal between England and Denmark. I love England but Denmark has my heart since I watched the Prince & Me movie on cable TV more than a decade ago. Since then, I haven’t been able to forget Denmark and I’m hoping to visit Copenhagen one day. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I wanted to chit chat about what’s going on in my life these days. Kind of like life update because I notice I haven’t been posting chit chat kind of posts like I did years ago with my Erin Talks series. I used to like oversharing stuff on my blog but now with Instagram stories, juicy things are being posted there as it’s quick and instantly shared with everyone who follows me. I wanna bring back oversharing on my blog because hey it’s fun and I just like sharing stuff.


I fully breastfed my son since he was born but two weeks ago I tried giving him formula milk for the umpteenth time (because he didn’t want any before this) and lo and behold he wanted the bottle! Since then, my life has been a thousand times better because anyone can feed him now and he doesn’t only rely on my milk that is honestly depleting right now because I’m pregnant. And in my last Sunday Currently I mentioned that he was down with fever. He ended up getting the measles which worried me a lot but thank god the rashes have gone now although not completely. Thank god for vaccines!


I rearranged my wardrobe/office room and bought some stuff on Shopee for my desk that fits my aesthetic right now. I used to like an all-white-everything but it has now changed. I have matured and been loving wood-patterned stuff out of the blue. It’s weird. I am trying to keep my space clean and minimal. Once all my orders from Shopee have arrived, I am going to do kind of like a tour of my desk space.


I think I have found a new coffee that I like. Twitter (and by Twitter I mean everyone) has been raving about Frenché Roast coffee so I bought the Iced Latte and Salted Caramel Latte ones. I tried the salted caramel just now and it’s delicious. It’s different from your usual Nescafe and in my opinion it’s not too sweet which I like.


I’m on page 42/234 of If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Yes, I did start on the book and yes, I am slowly picking up my reading pace. I used to finish four books in a week but now it’s one book in four years. I haven’t bought physical book in so long mainly because I couldn’t justify the hefty price of a book. I mean, 60 ringgit on a book? In Malaysia, and with our absolutely absurd minimum wage, it’s not surprising that not everyone would want to make reading as a hobby. Buying just one book equals to a day and a half of working. It’s ridiculous!


Last year – while I was still pregnant with my son – I dropped my phone and cracked the top right of my screen protector. Dropped it again and cracked the bottom left. It took me one full year to make an order of a new screen protector. I used to get it done for me at a gadget shop but we’re on lockdown/movement control order since forever (note that I’m being sarcastic here) and I do not go out at all so yeah. I must say that I’m pretty good at installing screen protector. Did it for my iPad and it turned out *chef’s kiss* with no bubbles at all.


This whole lockdown thing is taking its toll on my mental health. I mean, I don’t see the point of unwillingly having to be stuck at home for almost two months when daily Covid cases are STILL rising. I just want to go out and eat at a restaurant. Walk along the beach. Go back to my husband’s hometown that is a few states away. And live a normal life like how we used to. I am praying for everyone’s mental health wellbeing in this trying times. Hang in there, sunshine. xx

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