The Sunday Currently: Vol. 8

Hello, everyone. I decided to do this type of post biweekly as it is feasible for myself and doesn’t make me feel obligated to be posting every week where there isn’t much different between the previous week and current. I also don’t have much time that I can spend sitting on my laptop typing up a post. My free time is usually always midnight when I’m already so sleepy. Coffee could have helped but I’m limiting my caffeine intake to twice or thrice every fortnight due to my pregnancy. So it’s just me, sleepy me.



I just picked up If I Stay by Gayle Forman off my shelf. I’ve had this book since April 9th 2015 (based on the little note I had written on every one of my books) and only wanting to read it six years later. The yellowing of the edge screams “you’ve had me for a while, Erin.”


My daily planning, in my paper planner. I know, right? It’s been a while since I’ve got the chance to spend time writing in my planner. Being a mom does that to you. My life has all been spur-of-the-moment decisions and impromptu plans.


Czech Republic VS Denmark game. This pregnancy has got me watching football more than I have ever done in the past. I used to find it boring but now I keep asking my husband when’s the next anticipated match haha.


Right now I’m listening to the game although I understand nada. Music wise; I’m still obsessing over Taylor Swift 1989 album. We’re coming to seven years since the release and I still love it so much it hurts.


My district is on strict lockdown due to ridiculous number of COVID cases in my state so I’m thinking is it possible to go to my parents’ which is just 5 minutes away without getting caught by the police haha.


Ambi Pur air freshener in air. And the nutella toast I just had.


For my Shopee parcels to come in STAT. I bought some stuff for my office desk and I’m thinking of doing like an office desk tour on my blog. My style has definitely changed from “OMG I need everything to be white!” to having a little bit more neutral colour albeit not too colourful.


That my son will stay healthy. He was down with fever since Tuesday for four days and I was miserable! He was clingy all the time, did not smile, and I just couldn’t do anything else besides holding him and hugging him to comfort.


My Le Maréam crop top and shorts. Super, super comfy. Should have bought more of these.


My new coffee mug! I mentioned in my previous Sunday Currently that I need a coffee mug. Well I finally bit the bullet and got myself a clear mug with a clear lid. So aesthetically pleasing I love it.


I want life before COVID back. I am spending most of my married life stuck in a pandemic not being able to travel or go on road trips with my husband. This is seriously insane. If this situation goes on and on, my kids are in high risk of developing anxiety being in crowded places because they haven’t been able to go out! Heck, my son hasn’t even seen the beach yet…


A new keychain for my AirPods. My current one has corroded (I mean, it is fairly cheap) and it’s just not a good look anymore. The only thing stopping me from purchasing is I only want one keychain and I’m not paying for shipping that costs twice the keychain. Nope.


Tired and sleepy. Can’t wait for this game to end and this post to be published so I can hit the sack. Have a joyful Sunday everyone xx

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