The Sunday Currently: Vol. 10

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope y’all are doing well. It’s currently 11.24 am at the time I’m writing this and I’ve just taken a shower, made English breakfast for the family, and my son is napping after his bottle. Finally some peace and quiet for mommy to write this blog post 🤪

I’m at my parents’ this weekend, spending the last month of being a mom of one before I give birth to #2 in a few weeks. I’m having iced coffee that my mom made last night which I’ve chilled overnight. Super, super good. It’s refreshing!



Easy. Reddit. It’s probably my most used app now.


I have planned my September posts in my digital planner so hopefully I can finish writing them all before I’m due. I have two separate planners; a blog planner and a life planner for everything else. Maybe a post in the future showing you how I plan blog posts in a digital planner?


Sweet Home Alabama (2002) movie. One of my favourites! Josh Lucas is such a heartthrob! And as for TV shows, I finally started watching Money Heist. It’s good! I love it.


Omar & Hana videos playing on my iPad. My son is awake so I had to distract him LOL.


What’s for lunch today? My mom and brother are at IKEA to buy furnitures so hopefully they’ll buy some meatballs. Haven’t had them in a while, so yummy.


Myself. I used Warm Vanilla Sugar shower gel today and it just smells lovely.


For a new phone. I mean, I don’t need a new phone as my current phone is still perfectly fine but y’know, the urge to get an upgrade is wild. Haha.


That everything will go well during labour and delivery. Unfortunately I’d have to undergo caesarean section and although I’m glad I don’t have to go through contraction and labour pain, I am kinda scared of having to go through a major abdominal surgery. It didn’t scare me the first time because I was in pain from contraction so my conscience wasn’t in the right place, but now that I think of it, it is kind of scary.


Maternity leggings and my alma mater t-shirt. And a satin scrunchies.


My new BENKS magnetic iPad case that is similar to Apple Smart Folio case but for a tiny fraction of the price! I have it in sky blue, it’s so pretty. And my new sticker set I purchased on Etsy. I’m obsessed with purchasing stickers, help!


An Apple Pencil (2nd generation). Right now I’m using a stylus from Shopee that does its job but of course it’s not the same as the original Apple Pencil. I bought the one from Shopee because I thought I wouldn’t be using it as much but now that I’m so into digital planning, I think that it’s time to get the real deal. I’m hoping to get it either the end of this month or the next, fingers crossed.


A thick, fluffy blanket and hazelnut hot chocolate from Starbucks while watching Money Heist on Netflix.


Somewhat at ease. One thing that I was worried sick about we found a solution for so always, always have faith, people.

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