4 Things I Use My iPad Air 4 For

Can I just say that the iPad is the greatest piece of technology created after the MacBook? It’s game-changing, life-saving, and for me it’s a hybrid between the iPhone and MacBook – larger than the iPhone but small enough to do some of the things I do on the MacBook. It can’t replace a laptop by any means but it sure is a luxury to have.

I bought the iPad Air (4th generation) earlier this year and it has been my best friend ever since. I remember not touching my MacBook for a week because I was hooked on my iPad. Moreover, last month I splurged on an Apple Pencil after dropping the cheap stylus pen I got on Shopee and boy oh boy my iPad setup is done and I just love how easy it is to charge the pencil. It sticks to the side of my iPad to charge so I don’t have to worry about not having any charge on my pencil when I want to use it.

Here’s some of the things I use the iPad Air 4 for!

I use it for entertainment

If you don’t use your iPad for Netflix, then what are you doing with your life?! If I’m having my meals alone, I have to have it while watching something be it a YouTube video or a tv show. I have Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar (they have latest episodes of medical dramas!), HBO Go, Astro Go (a tv cable company in my country) and of course, YouTube (and YouTube Kids for my children ahaha). For music, I have Spotify and Apple Music.

I use it for digital planning + note-taking

I honestly forgot when was the last time I use pen and paper because digital planning takes over my life and I am living for it. It’s amazing. Enough said. I use the GoodNotes 5 app and purchased digital planners on Etsy. There are tons of good ones available and I myself have purchased three different ones. It’s a slippery slope and I swear once you get sucked into the world of digital planning, you’d end up with a bajillion planners and digital stickers.

Like I did. Yikes.

I use it for reading

The app that I use for reading is iBooks which come with the iPad. It’s easy to use and I can’t find fault with it. Loading ebooks is a breeze and I love how it syncs with my iPhone and MacBook (though I never read on my laptop for obvious reason). I’m trying to get into reading again but it’s always hard to pick up a book because I’d be inclined to pick up my phone more. So the next best thing would be to use my iPad for reading. I did finish one ebook this year and zero physical book so I guess reading digitally kinda works?

I use it to play games

I love playing games! I used to download loads of game apps on my iPad and some of them I just kind of forgot and never bothered to open (which I later uninstalled because I hate clutters on my gadget). Plays.org provide free online games that you can access via web browser that doesn’t need you to install anything in order to play. They have tons of free games available and let me show you some that I really like!

The homepage looks like this. Very simple!

Tetris. Oh my goodness, if you’ve never played this before, who robbed you off your childhood?! They have a number of tetris games but my favourite is this one called Super Tetris. It’s super fun and it keep me on my toes.

I love simulation games! It’s the only type of game I like to download on my iPad and having a wide variety of simulation games easily accessible via web browser is super awesome! I love this grocery store game called Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem Customer Service game. I highly suggest playing this game on your tablet because you need to be fast and using your laptop’s trackpad isn’t going to cut it aha.

I may be 26 with two kids, but I’m still a girly girl at heart. I love Barbie games, forever will be. This Barbie You Can Be A Chef game is one hundred percent aimed for kids but I don’t care haha. I love cooking games and this one is definitely the one if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to stress you out.

What do you use your iPad for?

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