New & Improved little sips of tea

Ever since the Pipdig scandal in 2019, I haven’t been quite satisfied with my blog theme. Pipdig themes were my favourite because they were so easy to customise and since then, I have purchased 10 more themes from various designers but none of them came close to Pipdig – until now.

Welcome to the new and improved little sips of tea! This is the 15th iteration of my blog and I am hopeful that this will be the last for a long, long time. Let’s see what’s new!

Quick reads

Quick reads is a category I’m bringing to my blog consisting of posts that go as long as the length of the featured image, like this post! It’s quick – take 15 minutes to write, something that I can post and go.


I’ve always wanted my blog to be a one stop centre for everything me where I can show what I’m reading, listening, and loving using widgets.

Improved design

I am in love with the layout and how everything just flow together. I finally found peace with my blog.

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