A Victoria’s Secret haul

Last weekend, I went to GPO, one of the premium outlets here in Malaysia with my two babies. We brought along my sister who has been helping me in taking care of the kids while my husband is out working. I bought a little something-something from Victoria’s Secret during their Black Friday sale.

Beach Flower fragrance mist

A floral mist that smells so lovely, perfect for the summer (it’s summer in Malaysia all year-round lol.)

Vanilla Swirl body lotion

If you want to be smelling like cupcakes, this is it. It’s sweet, it’s delicious!

Honey Wash nourishing gel body wash

I haven’t tried it yet, but it contains pure honey + shea butter which I’m sure will work amazing on my skin.

Coco Wash moisturizing cream body wash

A subtle scent of coconut that is not too overpowering.

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