Hello from quarantine

Saying hello from the comfort of my home as I’m under quarantine. Last Wednesday (Feb 9th), my husband self-tested for Covid 19 after a few of his friends he met recently were tested positive. His result turned out positive and to be sure he did a PCR test and it turned out positive as well.

Luckily my husband sent my son to my in-laws’ that Wednesday morning so he’s been there since. My mom picked up my daughter on Thursday so it’s just me and my husband quarantining in our home. I self-test myself every day and so far I am still testing negative.

My husband’s symptoms started on Wednesday evening (headache, body ache, fever) and were the worst on Thursday. I’ve been giving him meds we got from the clinic and yesterday (Friday, Feb 11th) he was feeling a lot better. Both my husband and I have not gotten our booster shot yet but Alhamdulillah it’s not the worst category of Covid.

I really, really miss my children. I can’t wait to see them and kiss them and cuddle them but I’m also taking this time to relax and unwind. I haven’t stopped being a parent since September 7th 2020 (the day my son got back from hospital for jaundice) so while caring for my husband’s needs, I’m caring for my needs as well which is a lot of rest.

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