The Sunday Currently: Vol. 11

Happy Sunday everyone! My last Sunday Currently was published five months ago when I was still pregnant with my daughter. She’s almost five months now. I abandoned this whole series since she came to this world aha! Both my kids are having their first nap, my husband made some tea and that’s what I’m having while typing this. Here goes!



The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata. I know I know, it’s taking me so long to finish a book but hey I’m a mom of two who also has other interests like tv shows and digital planning…


What’s in my skincare basket and my digital planning setup for 2022 that I still haven’t gotten the time to finish and publish. I tried a new planner that I really like so now I’m confused as I have two ongoing planners. I need help.


I finished Masterchef Australia season 13 so as of right now I haven’t started any shows yet. I’m in the middle of watching Tall Girl 2 if that counts?


Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting. I am a sucker for 80s and 90s music. They are my jam. I have a whole playlist dedicated to said decades.


of what’s for lunch? My husband is the cook between us but it’s Sunday and you all know Sunday is for chilling at home and napping.


My perfume of the day which is MAC Turquatic.


For this pandemic to be over. I am super, super blessed for not contracting Covid when my husband tested positive almost two weeks ago. Am even more thankful to God because my kids tested negative as well. For us not to contract Covid from my husband, it’s a bloody miracle, I tell ya.


For a blessed month of March aka my birthday month. I have a few fun stuff happening in March so I am hopeful that everything goes as planned.


I’m wearing a pair of blue shorts and matching tank top. The set that I have was a craze last year, I mean a super comfortable set for RM6?! I have four sets. I wear them everyday. My gold necklace and bracelet. Took off the gold earrings because it hurts when I sleep on my side. AirPods listening to Spotify. My glasses and my hair in ponytail. My mom cut my hair few days ago. I love it!


New digital stickers and widgets I purchased this morning. I am obsessed! The amount of money I spent on these things are ridiculous. I can pay a month’s worth of rent with that money. Yikes.


A new pair of heels. Preferably from Christy Ng because they are comfortable.


A few pair of contact lenses. I’m on my last pair so I need to get some backups. The one that I’m currently using is something called Iris lens, they look so real it doesn’t look like I’m wearing lenses.


Tired. My cousin sister got married yesterday so we were celebrating her. We all just got back last night from my mom’s (I stayed there for a week with my kids while my husband was under quarantine) and to think that I have a lot of chores I need to do… gosh. 😫

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