Friday Favourites 15

things to be happy for this week

PINK Honey Wash Nourishing Body Wash

I will always prefer Victoria’s Secret over Bath & Body Works (no offence!) just because I think VS has sexier scents and this one – the one I got a while back – is delicious. I truly smell like honey whenever I use it so this has been a staple in my everyday body wash.

Social media detox

What has been planned as the one-week social media detox is in its third week right now because I bloody love it. Anxiety kicked in whenever I logged into Instagram and Twitter and I just knew that it was not serving my mental health better so I called it quit. At first it was only for a week as I second-guessed my ability to restrain myself from reinstalling those apps but whaddayaknow, it’s been 18 days and I’m enjoying my life more.

Kenny Hills Bakers’ peach strudel

It baffles me how people would queue for long hours just to eat at this eatery so I’ve never tried or intended to go there because 1. long queue, and 2. you can’t make reservations. So when my husband brought me peach strudel from this said place, I went 🥰 It’s so scrumptious I finally understand why everyone and their mothers love it.

Bata pink sandal

I mentioned in the last Sunday Currently how I was needing a new Bata sandal and I finally got it! A quick run to Lotus’s by myself and I went home with a brand new pair of shoes. A comfortable pair, at that. I love it. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get dirty too fast.

Sigadistya Wikitya instant hijab

My sister-in-law asked me a while back if I wanted to get anything during Sigadistya sale (a Malaysia hijab company). At first I was hesitant but decided to get one instant hijab instead just because. Lo and behold – it’s become my go-to instant hijab right now because it’s so comfortable! I regret not getting a few more during the sale (it was half price!).

Longchamp Le Pliage Classic bag in hortensia

I used to change my everyday bag every week. I’m not kidding, I was never satisfied with my bags and I always wanted to change them according to my mood that week. My husband got me one last year for my birthday and I kid you not, I have been using the same bag every single week for one whole year. That’s how much I love it. And then for my birthday this year he got me another one in this beautiful pink berry colour. I quickly transferred all my things to my new bag and it’s just beautiful. Getting a bag organiser for it is game-changer! I have never felt more organised!

KENKE paper-like screen protector

If you’ve ever written on an iPad with a pencil, you’d know that the glossy screen makes your handwriting look like shit. I caved in – after many months contemplating – and got myself a paper film screen protector. Not the original Paperlike though because I’m not paying RM150 for a mere screen protector. It’s one of those knockoffs on Lazada that works great so I don’t dread my handwriting anymore. It really feels like writing on paper!

Pfizer booster dose

I got my booster dose about 3 weeks ago which I thought defeated the purpose because I have already been infected with Covid at the beginning of March (that’s a story for another blog post). However, I am glad that I have been fully vaccinated + booster. My Covid symptoms weren’t all that bad. It truly felt like common cold for me.

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