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Hey, it’s been a while!

My life has been pretty hectic this past couple of months. No solid reason, though, just a little (ha!) busy taking care of my family and spending time with my extended families every week. I haven’t had a weekend where we’re at home not doing anything because we’re always going out either to my parents’, in-laws’, trips to my husband’s hometown (I love long car trips!), open houses, weddings, and the likes. My schedule is also full this weekend, and the next, and the next with more open houses and weddings. I love that it’s starting to feel like we’re not in a pandemic anymore. Everyone’s vaccinated already and while the cases are slowing down, we’re still wearing masks outside.

My daughter is taking a nap and my son is at my in-laws’ for the day in case you’re wondering how in the world am I able to be writing posts without screaming little toddlers around me. I have so many ideas for my blog that I haven’t been able to make into reality with just how busy I am being a mother and wife. Sometimes you kinda forget that you’re a wife, too, because being a mom is a 24/7 role and you’re basically at your children’s beck and call. But it is what it is and although it’s tiring, being a mom is very so rewarding. Seeing my kids growing up before my eyes is just an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Now, onto some life updates that is not family-related:

  1. I am trying a few new skincare products in my routine and I think once I’ve established a solid routine with them, I’ll be doing an updated one. (read previous skincare routine here!)
  2. After almost a year, I caved in and got myself an RK61 keyboard. I have been wanting this piece for so long and since I have enough coins to get a RM30 off on Shopee, I thought what the hell, eh, and purchased it right away. Now just when is it going to arrive..
  3. Seven months ago I revamped my blog with the Barton theme from EmPress. I am in love with this theme so far and I can’t see myself using another theme for a really long time. It is very well made and I’m super happy with the purchase.
  4. Still at the topic of my blog, I have planned future blog posts for the next three months! I took an hour just now just brainstorming post ideas (most of them are ideas I already thought of months and months ago, yikes). Fingers crossed I’ll be able to schedule the lot of them.
  5. Today, Wednesday the 25th, is the day I spent time for myself the most in the last couple of months. Sounds saddening, it really is, but your home girl is pushing through. I spent the whole day on my MacBook which I haven’t done in a long time. It feels good to relive what seems to be this little essence of myself I have left.
  6. Mark & Spencer bagels with scrambled eggs and cheese. That’s it. That’s the perfect breakfast.

Till then.

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