August 22nd 2022, 10:06 am.

If someone asks me if I could turn back time and change one thing in my life, what would it be?

I would have answered with I would drag my dad to the hospital and get medical checkup, CT scan, MRI scan, you name it, I’d force him to do it, years and years ago.

Because on 22nd of August, at 10:06 am, my dad passed away.

It was a shock to all of us because we didn’t expect the sickness to get so severe that it took his life. We didn’t expect it at all.

He passed away 6 days shy of his 58th birthday.

I wish I could write a eulogy for him but I’m at the weakest point of my life right now and I don’t have the energy to reminisce his whole life without me breaking into tears. To be honest, I am not okay. One day I know I can remember him and it won’t make me cry anymore but for now, I just want to drown in my endless sorrow, you know?

He was the type of dad who never forces you to do anything you don’t want to do and will literally buy you anything you want and never lay a hand on you, not even touch a single hair on your head.

He was my dad and now he’s gone.

I have to spend the rest of my life longing for someone who has gone forever.

I miss you, ayah. I hope you are fine there.

I’ll see you soon in the Hereafter.


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