My relationship with money

To be financially stable and in control of your finance would be everyone’s dream. However, financial literacy is not something that one acquires arbitrary. All those years spent in school and university did not, even once, taught you how to manage your money. What is 70/30/20 method? What about investment? Unit trust? Fixed deposit? Blows my mind every time that there are, in fact, people out there who haven’t got a clue. And I am no exception.

To say that I have absolute self-control when it comes to managing my money and making wise decisions would be an outright lie. At almost 28, I am still struggling to not overspend every month as I always reason my purchases with “this is a self-reward – and I deserve it” Self-reward for what? I don’t even know. This month, I blew through my salary in just 4 days. Crazy! If it wasn’t for my extra income, I’d be living under my husband’s grace (and money 🥲)

To have a better relationship with my money, I need to keep track of my finances better. I tried countless finance apps and I even tried the old school style which was recording with pen and paper but I found those very restricted and it didn’t tell me more than what I already knew. So I went and got myself an annual budget spreadsheets that keeps track of everything and gives me percentage and pie charts and tells me how much money I have left for the month. I try updating my spreadsheets every end of the day but there are days where I just forgot so I’m keeping all those purchase receipts until I have the spare time to update my spreadsheets.

My hope for this year is to steadily save some money every month and put them in a low risk investment. I’m also planning to put my side income into investment as well because if not I wouldn’t see the money at the end of the day. All would be spent on retail therapy which I already had a lotttt of. Yikes.

So how’s your relationship with money?

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