Friday Favourites 16

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things to be happy for this week

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts so I thought I would make a disclaimer that the faves included in this post might be something that I got months ago (if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d know!) and am only inserting them now for obvious reasons.

ana tomy x lilin & co trio book planner

Before you go, “Erin, what happened to your digital planner obsession?” Well, it’s still here, I still love my digital planner, but I cannot help but to get the planner from ana tomy because it’s so pretty. The colour is lilac and it’s scented – what else do I need? This time around, I got the trio book instead as I already had one in wirebound which I got 3 years ago. Now, instead of lugging around just my iPad everywhere I go, I lug around an iPad AND a physical planner as well. Great.

bath & body works dark kiss fragrance mist

I work in an international school so a few weeks ago a parent of one of the students gifted me the mini set of shower gel, body lotion, and fragrance mist in Dark Kiss. It smells heavenly and it’s what I’ve been wearing every day. If I ran out of it which I probably will considering I wear it all the time, I will purchase the full size. The smell is delicious!

dr jart+ tiger grass color correcting treatment

This has been an old favourite of mine but it deserves a spot in my Friday Favourites. I knew about this product from TikTok and it is one of my best skincare purchases ever. It’s a green cream that changes into beige when you warm it up with your fingers. It covers redness and it has SPF as well although I do use sunscreen before this cream. It’s perfect for no makeup day when you just want to look presentable and not like you just got out of sauna #fairskinproblem.

9-1-1 (TV series)

Nothing like a TV series that made me binge watch 4 seasons in a month. It is that good. I love fast-paced dramas with a sprinkle of friendships and family love. The storyline itself isn’t complicated so I really enjoy watching it.

ceradan skin barrier repair cream

Oily skin pals would not appreciate this thick and heavy texture of cream, but my oh my, my skin loves it. I used it a while back and my skin was flawless during that period of time. And then I changed to other moisturisers and as a result they were just not up to par with this one. If you have dry skin (or any type of skin at all, you can just use it at nighttime) or if you want to fix your skin barrier, this is the cream for you.

new coffee/tea cup

My son loves using my cup during mealtime so one day, during one of our meals, he accidentally dropped my cup and it shattered. Here’s a blog post where I featured the cup in case you’re wondering. So I got a new one – two cups, just in case he drops another one LOL. It’s bigger than the old cup and its not double layer but it’s transparent and I’m a sucker for transparent cups.

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