The Sunday Currently: Vol. 15

Happy Sunday! I am accompanied by a cup of tea and Netflix running on my iPad. It’s been a lovely day today, with the weather not quite warm but not too cold my laundry isn’t getting the appropriate sun. My kids are down for their afternoon nap, house is clean, lunch is made (by my husband, of course!). Overall a beautiful day, henceforth.



I am not reading anything at the moment. But my new venture needs me to do some reading on that particular subject which I am not to announce here yet, so I shall buy some e-books or take up a course about it soon.


Bridgerton Season 2. I have been sleeping on this show for so long but I have waken up albeit three years too late. It’s super stinkin’ good. Romance-themed period dramas?! I am down.


About how my writing is being influenced by my countless hours of Bridgerton. Writing style I picked up here and there that I recently noticed…


For a one million ringgit in my bank account.


A pastel green top and pant set I got from Shopee. I have a few colour, just so happened I’m wearing green.


I have something in my Etsy cart that I would like to purchase. It’s a desktop wallpaper/organiser listing which I have a 30% discount on. Still thinking if I should get it or not.


Super hungry. I’m off to have my lunch.


I wish I can say that I managed to write a couple of scheduled posts but on weekdays, though, I am occupied with work and house chores after I put the kids down. By the time I am finished with both, I long for a bed instead.


Coldplay – Hymn for the Weekend. Coldplay is coming to Malaysia but too bad I’m not going because my husband is not big on concerts so being a devoted wife, I adhere to the rules. BUT, the rules would have to be broken if Taylor comes. I just can’t bear not going. Nope.


BBW Dark Kiss mist and my cuppa tea.


I got my increment from work as I’m hitting one year of duty, alhamdulillah. Now I’m hoping for bonus because oh lord, I want to save half and enjoy the other half LOL.


A new glitter case for my MacBook. It’s so pretty! I just wish we have one for iPad and AirPods cases. Oh it would be super cute.


I need Gigi Coffee Buttercream latte pronto. I wanted to order from Grab but it’s unavailable to purchase, ugh I’m a bit disappointed to say the least.

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