3 book tropes I absolutely hate

When finding the next book to read, I always, always, always check the tropes because there’s nothing more frustrating than realising halfway through the book that the trope(s) it is based on is one of my absolute hates. Having read 20+ romance books in a span of three months, I can deduce that I will not be touching these tropes:

Age gap

This is just a no-no for me. Literally nothing can make me change my mind. The thought of 10+ years age gap between the main characters makes me want to vomit. Just, nope.

Why choose

I am a monogamous romance lover through and through and the why choose trope is not for me. My romance books need an endgame.


This can either be hit or miss from me. I love it in Love & Other Words by Christina Lauren but in Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez, it is just pure annoyance (although the book is good, though!)

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