The Sunday Currently: Vol. 16

I had a wondrous weekend! We went on a short trip to Johore due to my husband’s work, broke our fast at this Thai food concept restaurant called Thamada Village and finished off the day at Nimmies Pastry Cafe at which I satisfied my caramel macchiato and cheesecake craving. We arrived home at 10 am this morning. Spent the whole day relaxing and napping with my husband and kids and broke our fast at my in-laws’. I’m currently snuggled with my laptop catching up on my dramas while my husband is out getting coffee for us. Overall, a good day, henceforth.



Tease by Melanie Harlow. I am 10% in and it’s looking pretty good so far! I planned on reading 50 books this year and Tease is my 19th. Proud of myself for managing to read this much.


I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately and one of the notable ones was Damsel. Millie Bobby Brown was spectacular! But right now it’s Top Gun: Maverick on my TV.


… of what to cook tomorrow. It’s extremely harrowing!


I want a new flowy skirt and blouse matching set. Completely obsessed with them.


Matching pink tank top and shorts.


I should probably reward myself with a birthday gift (birthday on this Friday!) I don’t know what I want, yet.


I feel like I could use some Samyang and boiled eggs for supper. Craving, craving…


I have a few blog posts planned for the upcoming week. Fingers crossed I take the time to actually write them..


Maroon, Bejeweled, and Karma by Taylor Swift. Yes, in that sequence. The perfect track to listen to while taking a shower and doing morning skincare routine.


Like Pink Chiffon from BBW (which, we are boycotting, BTW).


That I actually know what to do with my life, career-wise. I’m like a lost ship so help me, God.


I’m still obsessed with my blog theme so instead of buying new ones, I opted for revamping little bits here and there. I love the outcome. Oh! I’m back on Tumblr too if that still tickles you fancy.


A 12 hour of really good deep sleep.

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