Her Little Loves 20

I feel like Swifties around the whole are having the time of our lives with –not one, but– two album release last week with the latter being a surprise to all of us. At this point, let’s just say that I’m unwell and I’m trying to fathom all thirty-one new songs from her. Truly a masterpiece of an album.

Nonetheless, here’s a collection of all the little things I’m fond of, at the moment:


02. The baby pink Sometime Fuffa Micro Hobo Bag is the epitome of love at first sight for me. I purchased it the second it was released last week. Maybe a what’s in my bag post due soon?

03. Since KVD reformulated my life-long favourite of their famous Lolita liquid lipstick, I’ve been on a hunt for a new lip colour that I resonate with – that sparks joy. I think Wardah Colorfit Velvet Matte Lip Mousse in Sweet Cinnamon might be it for me.

04. Muji pocket notebook and 0.38mm black gel pen are my companion for everyday list-making.

05. Day seven of drinking hot green tea every morning. My guts are loving the detox process.

06. My nails. I went for a manicure before Eid celebration and got them painted shimmery orange which I have loved and obsessed with. Right now, I have on clear nails using Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer in Clear As That.

07. M&S Giant Salted Pretzels for snacking.

08. The Raw. Rough & Bumpy Ceramides Cleanser is doing wonders to my skin!

09. Starting my day by making some tea and sitting on my desk with my planner from ana tomy.

10. If there is one thing that I can commit to religiously, it will be sticking to my skincare regime day and night. Love all the new products I’m currently incorporating in my routine.

11. I have a thing for the fried golden mantou from Oriental Kopi. It’s so good!

12. We just got back from my in-laws’ last night, but I’m already packing to go to my mom’s in a bit. Love that we are all living so close to each other.

13. Protecting my peace from people who don’t deserve my time. ✨

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