My 5 attainable blogging goals

Often times we resort to creating goals that are absurdly out of reach believing that our future-self would somehow has as much faith and virtue as our optimist-goal-creating-past-self to actually execute towards the goals that we made prior. And often times we found ourselves muttering, “oh.. did I really decide on that?” when we came across blog posts or journal entries of that said goal lists; which were collecting dust, unchecked.

2024 is the year that I wholly decided to be easy on myself and one of the departments being my blogger counterpart. I would like to set some goals that I know I would be comfortable in trying to achieve but at the same time not too mundane that I would slack off in trying.

So here’s five attainable blogging goals, for myself:

Write 10 blog posts every month

I’m not going to sugarcoat – being consistent in getting posts out is not a walk in the park. I have gotten out eight so far, and I think I’m doing pretty well in this part. I have started planning posts for May and I hope I get to execute it as well as this month.

Monthly Sunday Reset posts

Sunday Reset is a monthly catch up post replacing The Sunday Currently as I feel like I cannot commit to it weekly. I think at this point I prefer having a roundup post that I can go through to reminisce. I’m quite happy with the formatting of the previous Sunday Reset post, with maybe some alteration in the future if need be.

Being true to myself

This new era of blogging is not how it was 10, 15 years ago. Right now, it’s all about those polished and professionally taken photos with well-articulated articles that conform to the general masses. It gets tiring trying to keep up particularly when I started out blogging at thirteen years old – just a teenager wanting to share her stories with the world, far cry from being a professional. I want to be lesser of that and more of the me 15 years ago. Definitely wiser but still retaining the essence of my old self who just wants to share her stories with the world.

Find more blogs to read and make more blog friends

Some of my favourite blogs to read have bid their goodbyes so I am left with only a handful of blogs still getting updated albeit not as frequent as I would like. I know that there are a massive number of blogs out there that are still pretty active and I will make it a mission to find some new favourite ones. I particularly love personal blogs as I’m such a nosy person and I love peeking into other people’s lives.

Treat my blog as a hobby and not a chore

I used to treat my blog as a chore – or a job that I need to finish before due and that made me want to work on it less. I realised how problematic that was to my blogging productivity so I’m only going to work on my blog when I’m in the mood for it. I want to be happy doing it and it certainly will show on my posts that I pour my heart and soul to write.

Do you have any blogging goals?

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