Sunday Reset 17 – 03.24

Welcome to the first edition of Sunday Reset on Her Little Plans. It has been a moment since I introduced a new blog series here. The Sunday Currently series is just not working for HLP anymore, thus, Sunday Reset will be replacing it as a monthly roundup post that I will be posting on the last Sunday of the month.

I know that this blog post should have been published last Sunday instead, but I was occupied with revamping my blog on the front-wise and as well as the backend thingamajig which resorted me to contacting my hosting provider’s customer service. Changing your blog domains multiple times in half a decade will break your blog. It’s nice on the outside, but helplessly haywire on the inside.

March Highlights

✧ Wedding bells! I attended two weddings this month, one particularly at this nice bungalow-turned-event-space. The overall feels reminds me of my own wedding.

✦ I spent some time with my mom going furniture hunting and had lunch at my new favourite kopitiam-styled restaurant called Oriental Kopi, IOI City Mall.

✧ My husband and I brought our kids to see their favourite cartoon action hero at Lalaport, Bukit Bintang.

A short trip to Johore following my husband who had some work there. I had a good weekend having scrumptious food and coffee.

✧ I had iftar date with my girls at Para Thai, IOI City Mall. Just so happened that it was also my birthday and we celebrated my birthday as well.

✦ We had an iftar potluck at my husband’s hometown in Perak, so we stayed there for a night. I was in food coma. We had more food than we could care to eat.

Posts this month

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What I read

  • I read a whooping nine books total this month with three books getting five stars from me. Book Roundup for March will be coming soon. Do follow me on Goodreads so we can giggle about books together.

What I watched

  • I watched quite a lot of movies on Netflix, but only one notable for my liking and that is Damsel.
  • Absorbing loads of bookish content on YouTube. larryreads and chandler ainsley are my current favourite BookTubers.

What I listened

  • I wish to say that my songs on rotation isn’t Taylor Swift, but sadly it is. All of her songs are comfort songs to me.
  • Olivia Rodrigo’s GUTS album is on my radar too! Her music isn’t a genre that I particularly listen to but some of the songs in the album are catchy af.

What I wore

  • Christy Ng Jean Handbag that I miraculously found at my mom’s house. I usually rotate handbag I’m carrying quite often but this one fits everything I need on the daily basis, therefore, I haven’t felt the need to rotate just yet.
  • I have three H&M basic tees that I use daily because it’s so comfortable. Remind me to get a couple more so I have enough for a week.

What I loved

  • Definitely my love for blogging. After I resigned back in January, I have just been immersing myself with books after books after books. Two weeks ago, I picked up my laptop, went to blog dashboard and just started typing and scheduling three posts before noon. And then I went ham and edited my whole blog. Oh, do check out my new categories on the top menu! I spent hours categorising and tagging old posts since 2016. Let’s just say that I’m very satisfied with how my blog is looking right now and I’m very inspired to brainstorm post ideas for it.
  • I think I have found my most favourite phone case of all time and this is coming from someone who buys a lot of phone cases. This one takes the whole damn cake. I feel like buying all the other colours.

What’s on the April schedule?

✧ I have a mani-pedi appointment fixed with my sister-in-law for the day before Eid. I haven’t had any in a while, so I’m quite stoked!

✦ Eid al-Fitr!

✧ Going on a road trip to my husband’s hometown. I am Selangor born and bred, so marrying someone who has multiple hometowns 2-6 hours away from where we resides is just a delight. I love it.

✦ More weddings to go!

Upcoming posts

✧ I definitely want to stay on top of my book roundup posts. While I have scheduled January roundup for Monday, I still have February and March left to write.

✦ I am still curating fresh post ideas that would best suit my blog. There’s only so much post ideas that you can find on Google. The original ones are always the ones that come from your own ideas.

I hope you have a lovely April!

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