An iPhone Refresh

Now–I did not buy a new iPhone–it’s still the same one I purchased two years ago (a 13 Pro Max if you’re wondering!) However, considering that I am constantly on my phone, I kinda get tired of the overall look of it sometimes. One in a while I need a refresh, and these are what I do:

A new phone case and charm

Sometimes less in more and that includes the type of phone case I’m using. This glitter phone case is actually a second repurchase for me. The old one that I’ve had for a year and a half has yellowed and since I like it so much, I thought I’d buy the exact same one. It’s a very sturdy and hard case, unlike the typical flimsy silicone clear case we’ve seen everywhere. This 3 heart charm just adds some personality to it. I prefer having phone charm on the bottom part as it doesn’t get in the way of using the phone.

A new wallpaper

Pinterest is a great way of getting new wallpapers, and my new one embodies my current vibe–desk, a laptop, a cup of cofee, and candles. I used to have flowery, bright-coloured wallpapers but I like my wallpaper to match my phone case. You can’t go wrong with neutral monochromatic colour scheme.

Declutter apps and reorganise home screen

I’ve done these a while ago, but this is a great way to refresh your iPhone at no cost. Whatever apps I already have on my iPad would be uninstalled on my phone especially streaming apps like Disney+, Netflix, and the likes. I also like a one-page home screen with only apps I use every day to avoid redundant apps to clutter the home screen.

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