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May has been a slow month for me which isn’t a bad thing at all after a fulfilling April full of open houses and whatnots. I enjoyed the freeing weekends, particularly when we can just spend the day at home (as if I hadn’t been home all week but hey, I’m a homebody) without having to go anywhere. There are a lot of things I can do at home, and the great thing is it’s not draining my social bar – think of it as having a 60% battery health of an iPhone, doesn’t last long and need service pronto.

Nonetheless, here’s a collection of all the little things I’m fond of, at the moment:

01. Wild blueberries bagels and cream cheese from Apacaba Coffee, a coffee shop near my house. It’s scrumptious and I’m salivating just thinking about it.

02. Spending time with my mom. We’d usually have a sleepover (or five) at her house on weekdays and go café-hunting after my kids are off to school.

03. Grace and Glow Brightening Solution Body Wash for my AM shower routine. It smells heavily and the best thing is the ingredient – you can’t go wrong with niacinamide.

04. A good foundation day, with the help of my trusty Studio Fix Fluid Foundation from MAC. I know that some of us are still boycotting, but I don’t know what I’m going to do when I ran out of it. No drugstore ones are up to par.

05. The sweater weather. I love that it’s sunny in the morning that my laundry is getting appropriate sun, and cloudy in the afternoon that it’s a bit colder at night. Just perfect.

06. Reading a book that scratches the itch is amazing. Right now I’m reading Funny Story by Emily Henry. I know that I haven’t been the best reader for the past seven weeks, but I would like to get back to it by finding more books on TikTok because why not?

07. Japanese steam rice, chawanmushi, and asari miso soup from Kami Sushi. A great combo for that ultimate comfort food.

08. My blogging consistency! I have been steadily publishing two new posts every week this month, and I’ll gladly share you my secret – the Notion blog planner. Yup. It’s so easy to plan posts, and even easier because I have almost 500 of blog post ideas stored there.

09. I love finding new old music. It just makes me so happy and giddy inside.

10. I woke up one morning to multiple comments complimenting my blog theme which warms my heart. The theme I have is called Barton from EmPress Themes, and dare I say that it’s the best theme I’ve ever used and boy I have used a lot in the past.

11. Surprise, surprise! I went back to my iPad Air for digital planning with a planner from Dash Planner. I mean, writing with a physical pen on paper is top notch, but the ease of digital planning is out of this world.

12. I’m trying to develop a healthier eating habit, so I opt to start simple with changing my daily breakfast menu to a simple runny, soft-boiled eggs. They keep me full for three hours.

13. UEFA Euro 2024 is starting in about a fortnight and a half, and I’m flippin’ excited!

14. Manchester United won the FA Cup! Dare I say that I was not expecting that result, but happy nonetheless!

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