Sunday Reset 18 – 04.24

Time seems to fly by in a blink of an eye, even more so when you’ve been socialising and rekindling relationships with family members whom you don’t see often. April has been wondrous to me – full of get-togethers and spending time with my loved ones. Only good things happened this month so here goes a recap of what’s been happening:

April highlights

✧ Manicure appointment before Eid with my sister-in-law! I didn’t get a pedicure as I have just groomed my toenails, in return I shopped some beauty bits with the extra cash I had.

✦ A 5 days 4 nights trip to my husband’s hometown. It was so much fun I had the most delicious food.

✧ I went to IOI City Mall with my mom and little brother as he had to get his iPhone sent to Machines. Satisfied cravings at Dubuyo and Oriental Kopi. Yums.

✦ I went to more open houses, which were my in-laws’ friends.

✧ I spent 5 days at my mom’s house and we went for a café date at Apacaba Coffee. The wild blueberries bagels are to die for!

✦ I watched Sheriff: Narko Integriti with my mom and husband at IOI City Mall. Before that, we had Dookki Topokki Hot Pot for lunch. I love topokki and I love it even more when it’s unlimited!

✧ I went to more open houses on the weekend. Good food + quality time = what’s not to love?

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What I read

  • Disappointed that I only managed to read only 4 books this month but it was the month of Eid-ul-Fitr, I didn’t have many time to spare on reading.

What I watched

  • I watched quite a lot of horror movies but none of them worth a shoutout for.
  • Sheriff: Narko Integriti was good! I know that the ending might throw some people off but I’m guessing they’re coming out with a sequel…?

What I listened

  • REO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling. I love finding new old songs that just scratches the itch.
  • THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT album. It’s the only thing I listen to since its release a fortnight ago.

What I wore

  • Sometime Fuffa Micro Hobo Bag in baby pink. It’s small, it’s cute, it’s for the girlie girl era. I’m obsessed!
  • This blouse and pants set from Panda Eyes. It’s super comfortable and highly affordable!

What I loved

  • I have settled on a morning routine that increases my productivity. I didn’t have a routine before – I kinda just winged it and that resulted in my spending the whole day reading books after books. Now that I have a set routine in place, I am more productive in my day-to-day activity although it might take its toll on my reading time (there was one day that I read for eight hours straight – I was hit with a tension headache a few days after that.)

What’s on the May schedule?

✧ More Eid open houses.

✦ Fun Run Carnival held by my kids’ school.

Upcoming posts

✧ I want to write about my updated skincare routine, morning routine, some beauty hauls, and a what’s in my bag post.

✦ More blogging tips and recommendations in the works.

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