Her Little Loves 22

Hello, hi! It’s been a while since my last post, phew. I have been quite busy this month with my other hobbies. Yes, you read that right. June for me is the month of rekindling relationship with my other hobbies that I might have shoved to the back of my long-winded hobby list. July isn’t going to be any better for me because I need to focus on my freelance work and that will take the highest priority for the time being.

Nonetheless, here’s a collection of all the little things I’m fond of, at the moment:

01. I finally, finally, finally, was able to fix my Bloglovin’ link! I know that not many people use Bloglovin’ these days, but it’s still kinda nice to have available should any of my readers would like to follow me there. I can say that their customer service is the worst. I tried contacting them early last year but my ticket was left unsolved. I contacted them again in April, and after two whole months of emailing back and forth, they finally fix the whole link and redirecting feeds thingamajig.

02. I am obsessed with scones and strawberry jam. I went to Cameron Highlands a few weeks ago and tasted some of the best scones available. I wish to learn how to make it one day.

03. I must say that I love digital planners from Good Mondays Paper, and couldn’t wait to start planning in my 2024-25 Portrait Midyear Planner!

04. Pinterest is something in my to-do list that I wanted to tackle, so I took a few days reorganising and pinning my blog posts there. I can say that I’m starting to see some growth (6000 impressions a month!) and it’s just fun saving some cute stuff there. Check out my Pinterest here.

05. My parents-in-law are building their new house, so I’m quite stoked to decorate our new bathroom, closet room, and bedroom there! Eeek so exciting!

06. Since my son threw my coaster on the floor (and thus of course resulted in its crashing to pieces), I got three new ones that I’m in love with! They are so cute and I don’t regret getting three of them.

07. You can call me a freelance educational writer now because this gal right here got an opportunity to work on some educational writings. July will be me focusing all about it as I have a strict deadline.

08. I started watching TV series on a daily basis (again) and managed to finish Gilmore Girls and right now I’m currently trying to finish Dynasty (reboot). I’m around 6 episodes away!

09. Well, I’m done trying to fix my dying right AirPods so I bought a new headphones! Love it to bits, it lasts me a week before I have to charge it. Major love.

10. A few weeks ago I was accompanying my daughter colouring in her colouring book, and I thought well this is quite therapeutic so I got myself an adult colouring book and a 120 pencil colour set. And no, I will not be sharing it with her, haha.

11. EURO 2024 is currently ongoing and I’m rooting for Denmark! Not so much for them to win because I know there are far greater teams contending, but I just love the country so much.

12. My desk setup! My desk is my happy place, and while I have done one two years ago, maybe an updated one is in order?

13. Your gal is finally making her own coffee instead of getting takeouts. It’s saving me RM20 so far as I’ve made it twice in 24 hours. LOL.

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